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Adding a new Quick Search item - MysteryFCM

Quick searches allow you to search different things directly from the address bar, without having to go to a search engine first.

To add a new item to the Quick Search list, go to;

Tools > Avant Browser Options

Click "Search Engine" in the catagory list, then the Quick Search tab.

Click the "Add" button, to add a new item, and in the shortcut, type the shortcut you would like to use, then press enter and enter the URL.

Note: the URL should have %s where the keyword goes.

So for example, to do a quick search using the mamma.com search engine, you would use;

Shortcut: mamma
URL: http://mamma.com/Mamma?qtype=0&query=%s

Then whenever you wanted to do a search, you would just type (for example) the following in the address bar;

mamma avant+browser

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