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Adding the sURL service - MysteryFCM

There are 4 ways you can add the
sURL service to Avant Browser.

1. Right click the following link and select Add to Favorites;

Create sURL

2. Quick Search

To do this, go to;

Tools > Avant Browser Options

In the Catagory list, select "Search Engine", then click the Quick Search tab, and add the entry as below;

Shortcut: make

URL: http://surl.co.uk/make.asp?act=Check&Target=%s&Method=Short%20URL

See screenshot for example.

3. AB Extension Pack

For details on this, please see;


4. Context menu

Click here to add sURL to your Internet Explorer context menu

If you have problems adding this, please feel free to PM either myself (MysteryFCM) or one of the other moderators.

Tip URL: http://avant.it-mate.co.uk/?c=Tips&s=17#tip

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